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Regular concrete cleaning is the answer If you anticipate to preserve the stylishness and beauty of your polished concrete flooring, then it is vital to take good care of your floors. Regular repairs and periodic clean-ups by using mop and concrete cleaner will help you keep the classic beauty of these concrete flooring.

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    Concrete can provide a modern and stylish look when used correctly for homes and businesses. The key to ensuring it gives this look, however, is keeping it well cleaned, maintained, and sealed. Moss and grime can quickly build up on concrete walls and floors, reducing the impact of the striking concrete look.

    Clean concrete is one thing, but the correct maintenance and upkeep to ensure you get the longest lifespan out of your concrete is another. If not appropriately protected concrete deteriorates which will diminish its visual appeal significantly.

    There are many products available to clean concrete, but not all concrete cleaners work on every type of stain. It’s not always easy to determine what caused a concrete stain just by looking at it.

    Concrete cleaning large areas can be daunting! Because of its light colour concrete can become very unsightly very quickly given the right conditions. High powered commercial pressure cleaners accompanied by enviro friendly biodegradable concrete cleaning treatments are the only sure means of removal.

    Enviro Clean and Capture concrete cleaning services look to rectify this with professional high-pressure cleaning that will make your concrete surfaces look brand new.

    High-pressure cleaning for concrete surfaces is the only way to get the finest, most in-depth concrete clean. We offer the latest technologically advanced cleaning equipment on the following areas and more:

    Our Concrete Cleaning Services:

    • Car parks
    • Driveways
    • Concrete outdoor areas
    • Chewing gum removal
    • Paint removal
    • Footpath cleaning
    • Concrete degreasing

    How we provide concrete cleaning

    the best clean

    Our advanced pressure cleaning machines will provide a clean that is unattainable via any DIY methods while also saving you a significant amount of time. We provide fully enclosed in sound-proof covers for the quietest cleaning process possible and avoid excess hoses, electrical power leads, or excess water, for a safe work site.

    We ensure that you won’t even know we have been working at your location; all you will see is the cleanest concrete surfaces of your life!

    Concrete Sealing and Coating

    Clean concrete is one thing, but the correct maintenance and upkeep to ensure you get the longest lifespan out of your concrete is another.

    If not appropriately protected concrete deteriorates which will diminish its visual appeal significantly. Enviro Clean and Captures concrete coating and sealing helps you avoid this issue.

    This service not only improves the aesthetics of your concrete, but it also increases the protection of your surface. We offer concrete sealing and coating for:

    • Pavers
    • Concrete Driveways
    • Tennis Courts
    • Decorative Concrete
    • Epoxy Coated Concrete
    • Polished Concrete
    • Garage Floor Cleaning

    Concrete Floor Cleaning

    Concrete has a very porous nature, which means leaving it unprotected increases the likelihood that it will absorb water, acids, salts, and various other elements. Leaving your concrete exposed will cause deterioration, plus the possible corrosion of your structure.

    You will be very impressed by how much concrete coating can brighten up your surfaces while also making them easier to clean and much safer.

    Garage Concrete Floor Cleaning

    A clean garage floor can help prevent oils and residues from being tracked into your home, and regular maintenance of your floor will increase its lifespan.

    To begin cleaning, you should clear and tidy the floor. Pretreat any oil, grease, or rust stains before mopping the floor.If you have a concrete floor, you should scrub it using a broom, power washer, or buffer and a strong cleaning solution.

    If your floor is coated in epoxy, a gentler cleaning method is needed. Simply dust and wipe away the mess with minimal scrubbing.

    But why do it yourself, when you have expert garage floor cleaning at your disposal like Enviro Clean and Capture?

    Concrete Floor Cleaning Company

    Enviro Clean and Capture

    Our skilled team has been getting the best out of concrete surfaces all around Sydney and Newcastle since 1999. We provide after-hour services as a convenience for our clients is extremely important to us. We want you to have clean concrete, with no intrusions on your day.

    We are known for our fast response times, friendly service, and above all, competitive rates. Enviro Clean and Capture offer professional and reliable service via our team of highly trained technicians who use only the latest equipment to give you the finest clean possible. We pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly processes and can safely say that we are industry leaders in all things concrete maintenance.

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    By calling Enviro Clean and Capture, you can take advantage of our many years of concrete cleaning and restoration experience. If you are wondering if your concrete is too far gone, let us know! We can take a look and find a solution that will bring new life to your concrete, putting a smile on your face.

    Enviro Clean and Capture make your complete satisfaction our main priority. We have a reputation to uphold and ensure that our many repeat customers are returning to the same excellent service they receive from us every time. See why we are industry leaders in concrete cleaning and let’s have a chat today.