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    We use biodegradable cleaning agents and high pressure to blast away dirt, grime and mould, giving all hard surfaces that immaculate ‘like new’ appearance

    We put the sparkle back into your property with our superior hard surface pressure washing procedures. We can give your property a much needed facelift for a fraction of the costs charged by other companies. We don’t use any hazardous chemicals which risk damaging your surfaces and harming the environment.

    Our Pressure Washing Procedure:

    1. We begin by removing any furniture or outdoor settings from the area prior to pressure cleaning to ensure that these objects don’t get wet during our service.
    2. Apply our biodegradable detergents to the surface and manually scrub the surface.
    3. Use our whirl-a-way surface cleaner to high pressure wash the surface. The device provides an even and streak free result. Please click here to view a video demonstration
    4. Clean all of the corners and any areas that were inaccessible to our whirl-a-way using our high pressure washing lance/gun.
    5. We rinse the surface and any surrounding areas to ensure that all remaining traces of dirt or grime are completely removed, and your property is left in a clean and tidy manner.
    6. If required, we will use a squeegee to remove excess water from the surface to aid the drying process.

    We provide sealing services also!

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    We Can Wash:

    • Driveways
    • Fences
    • Pathways
    • Timber Decks
    • Concrete
    • Tennis Courts
    • Sandstone
    • Retaining Walls
    • Pebblecrete
    • Garage Floors
    • Pavers
    • Graffiti Removal
    • Outdoor Tiles
    • And More
    • Bricks

    Benefits Of High Pressure Washing

    Prevents Deterioration Of The Surface

    Don’t let harmful contaminants deteriorate and erode your outdoor surfaces, let the superior power of high pressure washing easily remove these contaminates. High pressure washing can blast away years of dirt and grime!

    Improves The Safety Of Your Property

    You can dramatically improve the safety of your pathways by high pressure washing. We can remove embedded dirt, grime and moss to reduce the chance of people slipping, falling over and causing injury.

    Enhances The Aesthetics Of Your Home

    You’ll be surprised at just how dirty your outdoor surfaces are, and how quickly high pressure cleaning can restore the original appeal of your surface. We guarantee our high pressure washing services will drastically improve the appearance of your home.

    Helps You To Sell Your Home

    Our team operate alongside many of the country’s leading real estate agents and on countless occasions have seen the amazing difference a high pressure clean or house wash can make to the sale of a property. High pressure washing is a cost-effective service which provides a huge impact will positively affect the sale of your home.