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    Tiles are a fantastic choice for flooring and walls as they look modern, stylish, and are sturdy. One thing that is important to keep in mind about tiles, however, is their porous nature. Natural and human-made tiles will require sealing to prevent and reduce staining and ensure that you get the most extended lifespan possible out of them.

    Enviro Clean and Capture provide high-quality tile cleaning and  tile sealing to help protect your tiles against various chemicals, deterioration, and contamination. Our sealing techniques help reduce damage from stains so you have fresh, new-looking tiles that can handle whatever may be thrown their way.

    Protecting your tiles

    The various types of tiles, including non-porous tiles, which can have grout lines sealed, will benefit from our professional and experienced surface sealing technicians. Our teams use impregnating penetrating sealers perfect for the sealing and coating of the grout surrounding ceramic and porcelain tiles.

    As one of Australia’s leading tile care specialists, we can assess your situation and provide the correct tile and grout cleaning and sealing process along with:

    • Tile stripping and sealing
    • Grout colour sealing
    • Other tile reinvigoration services

    What is involved in tile sealing?

    Tile sealing involves a sealer liquid that contains a resin that when applied to porous natural stone or human-made surfaces similar to those in your tiles, will help to prevent staining and make the process of cleaning your tiles much more straightforward.

    One trap that people fall into when attempting to DIY their tile sealing is not choosing the correct sealer. There are so many sealers on the market; it can be challenging to make the right choice for your tile. Some sealers may not provide the right amount of protection for your tiles, rendering the whole process pointless.

    This is where Enviro Clean and Capture can help by identifying how porous your tile surfaces are then coating and sealing with the appropriate level of protection. The use of a sealer reduces the natural absorbency of your tiles and when sealed correctly, can help increase the visual aesthetic of the tile. Sealing your tiles and their grout will prevent and reduce staining with a protective barrier that will increase the lifespan of your tiles.

    Protect your tiles today with our help

    Enviro Clean and Capture provide high-quality tile coating and sealing at competitive prices, ticking a time-consuming job off of your to-do list while ensuring that you have the right level of protection.

    Speak to us today about the right solution for all of your tile needs. We  also offer a tile and grout cleaning service to ensure that your home, investment property, or commercial space looks brand new and is best-positioned to stay that way for as long as possible. Taking care with maintenance of substantial assets such as these is only a positive in the long run, and we treat every client and job as if we are working on our own homes. See why so many people return to us for their cleaning, coating and sealing needs today.