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    Enviro Clean and Capture glass coating helps to improve the appearance of your property while minimising the amount of time that you will need to spend scrubbing stubborn dirty glass fences and screens.

    We provide glass coating services for:

    • Glass Pool Fencing
    • Glass Balustrades
    • Glass Windows

    Why you need

    Glass Coating

    Glass coating from Enviro Clean and Capture protects the glass surfaces inside and outside of your home while reducing the time and effort you need to spend on cleaning. You will enjoy beautiful-looking glass surfaces for more extended periods of time, and we know how stressful, dirty glass can feel!

    Our extensive selection includes glass corrosion coating, sealing, and protection, all of which provide various practical applications. Our experienced team can assess your situation and determine which will be best for your glass surfaces to enhance the durability and effectiveness of any situation or setup.

    The benefits of glass surface coating

    Glass looks stylish, expensive, and modern, but it can get very dirty, very quickly. Sealing will protect your glassed areas, making them easy-to-clean and anti-fingerprint, adding value to your property and home investment.

    Enviro Clean and Capture glass coating solutions can save you money in the long-run on cleaners, replacements or regular maintenance on the glass surfaces at home. In fact, glass coating can cut cleaning time by at least 90 percent as they actually repel water and other oil-based stains, and grime.

    Shower and pool screens, in particular, can benefit from glass coating as they are susceptible to etching, staining, and scuffing over time due to prolonged exposure to chlorine, salt, and other harmful elements.

    Glass coating and protecting solutions from Enviro Clean and capture

    Our comprehensive selection of coating and sealing solutions will protect the glass inside and outside of your home from water, rain, sun, grime, oil, dirt, and other elements that buildup over time and become impossible to remove with traditional cleaning products.

    Glass, once stained, becomes an unappealing and distracting eyesore that causes high levels of stress when it cannot be adequately cleaned. This can be caused by something as simple as water evaporating on glass, or the harsh effect of the sun or other mineral deposits that become difficult to remove. Don’t ignore your glass and make the problems worse! Our easy-to-clean protective coatings are environmentally safe and effective at keeping watermarks and stains off your glass, saving you time and money!

    Glass Coating with

    Enviro Clean and Capture today

    Enhance and protect the value and look of your property and home with Enviro Clean and Capture glass coating today. Our high-quality selection of products can be matched to any situation, ensuring that all of the glass in your home and business looks amazing. Shorten your to-do list with our help, and spend less time cleaning, and more time enjoying your space.

    Enviro Clean and Capture coating is cost-effective, and our experienced team can carry out the job after-hours at a time that works with your schedule. The satisfaction our clients experience as a result of our excellent service, prices, and results is our proudest achievement. Speak to us today about the glass areas in and out of your home and we will find the best solution for keeping it in good condition. Our in-depth knowledge of cleaning and maintenance is exactly what you need for a clean and beautiful looking home all year round!